Chriticles Mwansa Booed As Mwata Kazembe Gets Annoyed

Mwata Kazembe has barred PF members from campaigning for their party, well-placed sources in Mwansabombwe have disclosed.
The sources said Mwata Kazembe called PF members, who were reported to have booed MMD Mwansabombwe parliamentary candidate Dr Chriticles Mwansa, to his palace yesterday morning and warned them to stop ttheir activities and campaigns for the PF.
‘Mwata Kazembe has on several occasion since the start of the campagin period warned PF members and sympathisers against campaigning for their party, threatening he would chase them from the village if they continued doing so. Yesterday, he called stone crushers, who are PF supporters into his palace and warned them not to activities for PF,’ the source said.
Chriticles was in Mununshi area in mwense district to campaign when the guys who break stones there booed him and they were shouting ‘ifwe nipabwato, pamakafye [here we want PF]’.
Just recently, the MMD in Mwansabombwe confirmed that Mwata Kazembe had distributed eight bicycles to the party officials to help in the campaigns.
The sources said the bicycles were given to Mwata Kazembe for distribution to the MMD members.
The sources further said a day after Mwata Kazembe distributed bicycles, some trucks carrying MMD campaign materials were seen parked at his guesthouse.
Efforts to get a comment from Mwata Kazembe proved futile as his mobile phone went unanswered.

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