Explain Zambia-Zimbabwe Police Cooperation, Kabonde Told

The Southern African Centre for the Constructive Resolution of Disputes (SACCORD) has demanded the Zambia police service to clearly state to the nation what kind of cooperation they want to engage with the Zimbabwe republican police.
SACCORD says it is concerned with media reports that the Zambia police force is likely to partner with the Zimbabwe republic police in combating possible elections violence during the forthcoming general elections.
SACCORD executive director Lee Habasonde wondered why the Zambia police would see it fit to work with the Zimbabwe police in policing the country’s elections when the whole world is fully aware of the brutality of the Zimbabwe police force.
Mr. Habasonde has also demanded police inspector general Francis Kabonde to explain if the engagement of the Zimbabwe police force is an admission that the Zambian police do not have the capacity to police the country’s forthcoming general elections, despite the billions of kwacha that has been spent to re-train the police in preparation for the elections.
He wondered what Zambia police has to learn from Zimbabwe police force, who he said do not have any good record in promoting and protecting human rights as well as policing elections.
The SACCORD director observes that any cooperation with a foreign police force will only undermine Zambia’s own national security.
Mr. Habasonde says SACCORD believes that the responsibility of providing security to the citizens solely lies in the hands of the Zambia police force and not any foreign police force.
He has since appealed to Zambian citizens to reject and condemn the Zambian police’s attempt to engage foreign police entities to police the country’s elections.

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