Kim, Zambian Big Brother Representative Is Pregnant!!

Tumfweko has exclusively learnt that Zambian housemate in Big Brother Kim is pregnant !! It is confirmed that one of the Big Brother housemates is responsible so there is no doubt the pregnancy was conceived in the show, the biggest reality TV show in Africa.

As many suspected, one of the midnight romps with Malawian Lomwe is a possible cause for  this  pregnancy . “She Went For The Money And Came Back with A Baby.!” one of close sources to Kim said.Pic on the left,  Kim posing for a photo with her BIG tummy! (Note: the pic doesn’t show the actual pregnancy). The top suspects are Lomwe and Nic


This came without surprise because during the show  housemates especially karen was worried about kim because she had been having nausea, and vomiting in the mornings; they all seemed to think that she was pregnant  Kim had on the other hand had implied that she wanted to join a Kenyan university – or was it just a ploy to get close to the man of her dreams(Nic)? But the pregnancy will definitely change these plans.

And Kim is also reported to have won the sluty behavior awards for being just that slutty. This is the first in BBA history according to sources close to BBA.

The organizers of Big Brother, have never admitted nor show sexual escapades in the house, Although the weekly shopping for the housemates included condoms,  it is a no brainer what they were for and it is puzzling why (the person involved) and Kim didn’t see it fit to make use of them

She is indeed preggy But the million dollar question is who’s the father? Nic(Kenyan) or Lomwe(Malawian?)