Dora Siliya’s Ex-Husband Hits Back….”I Divorced Her Because of Bed-Wetting, Adulterly, Lack of Respect, Drunkenness”

MMD Spokesperson, Dora Siliya’s ex-husband Chisha Folotiya has hit back over remarks Dora made that he was lazy in bed.
Mr Folotiya, a Lusaka businessman and former Mondo Music CEO revealed and claimed in a press conference held in Lusaka that it is him who divorced Siliya and not the other way round.
He cited the reasons for their divorce as rampant bed-wetting, adultery, lack of respect and her bad beer drinking habits (Drunkenness) she had.
Mr Folotiya further disclosed that he is happily married to a beautiful wife and has lovely kids.
The MMD spokesperson Dora Siliya on thursday last week revealed to Petauke residents that she divorced her ex-husband because he was not man enough and that he was lazy in bed.
And Siliya also urged men in Petauke Central Constituency to admire her beauty and soft bums and not each others beards because the laws of Zambia prohibit homosexuality.
Dora Siliya’s continued urge for men to admire her bums on Friday last week inspired Petauke’s Chisonso villagers who asked to touch her breasts as well.
Siliya continued her onslaught on PF leader Micheal Sata, this time describing him as a disrespectful old man who did not come from human beings.
Chisha Folotiya and Dora once had a splash Porsche wedding in Lusaka in 2002 but their marriage barely lasted.
Chisha Folotiya was rumored to be going out with one of the Shatel girls at that time in 2002 – Barbara and Saboi – and that was rumored to be one of the main reasons their marriage break up.
However, Tumfweko has not yet established clearly who Dora Siliya’s current new lover is.