Kachepa360 Owner Chisala Mulenga Is Now In Zambia

Kachepa360 Owner Chisala Mulenga Is Now In Zambia

Sources have exclusively  told Tumfweko that Mulenga Chisala the person who runs kachepa 360 is currently in Zambia. According to sources, Chisala who was spotted at Lusaka International airport as she arrived was later seeing crying after she discovered that her  10 bags went missing and threatened to put everyone on  kachepa360 if they didn’t find her bags.

And according to a very close source she  was described as looking like someone from selling charcoal but kept saying she had no clothes because everything was in her missing bags. “I have no clothes because everything is in my bags that’s why am looking like this.” Chisala said. (The picture on the left, Chisala at Times Cafe with boyfriend/man-friend but not hubby).

“She doesn’t even look pretty in person with a fake accent. She had a cheap weave in her head yet she laughs at Brazilian weave.” The source said.

Chisala was then later spotted at Times Cafe with her friend and they both took off their shoes and started dancing on top of tables yelling that they run Zambian because they are from kachepa360.com. “The manager came and asked them to stop dancing on the tables and they just looked ashamed and got down.” The source added.

Then Chisala was later seen  taking pictures and saying that she will put the manager on kachepa360.