Two MMD Sychophants (Lifwekelo And Rev Moses) Emerge As They ‘Repent’ And Ask For Forgiveness

Forum for Leadership Search Executive Director Edwin Lifwekelo has come out from hiding and ‘repented’ saying the election of Patriotic Front leader Michael Sata as Zambias President is a good thing for democracy.
Mr. Lifwekelo says an election is a revolving kind of system hence people must be given opportunities to govern.
Mr. Lifwekelo says Zambians should commend themselves for carrying out a mature, democratic and peaceful election.
He commends the former president Rupiah Banda also for conceding defeat and allowing a smooth transition of power.
Mr. Lifwekelo says he strongly believes that God has found it fit that Mr. Sata be president further urging Zambians to settle down so as start addressing the many challenges they are facing.
He however emphasizes that his organization will support the government of the day as it has always been doing.
Meanwhile, another MMD sychophant has ‘repented’. Evangelical Youth Alliance International Executive Director Reverend Moses Lungu says Zambians have demonstrated through the ballot that they needed to change government.
Reverend Lungu said the PF has an obligation to avail themselves to the people and to prove the MMD wrong.
Reverend Lungu has since conceded defeat and has wished the PF well stressing however that his organization will support the PF and give it the necessary spiritual support as per tradition.
These two are among the MMD Sychophants who used to demonise President Sata when he was then opposition leader.
This brings to Three the number of sychophants Tumfweko has managed to ‘fish-out’ and ‘ clip clamp’ that have repented barely 78 hrs after the election of President Michael Sata.
Tumfweko is still searching for the remaing sycophants in Chanda Chimba, Gregory Chifire, Bishop Chihana, James Lukuku who have gone into hiding.

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