Bank Of Zambia (BoZ) ‘Dirty Operations’ Exposed

Tumfweko has exclusively unearthed some ‘dirty operations’ taking place at the Bank of Zambia (BoZ).
The Central Bank has failed to inform the public in the radical changes as to which company prints Zambian genuine money.
Tumfweko understands that BoZ has now engaged a German company to print its money.
Take a good look at your Kwacha note. Is the name of the Company Dela Rue or something else? Look at the old note say a K20,000 and also the new K50, 000 look at the names that have made the note, Is it Dela Rue or what do you see there?
Tumfweko observed the brand new notes were in circulation massively between 15 August, 2011 and 20 September, 2011. The other observation is that the governor’s signature is the same on all notes which confirms that the previous government and governor did the engagement.
Tumfweko again observed that at one time during the campaign period, the banks were offering only K10,000 and K20,000 as highest denominations which BoZ insiders claimed that Rupiah Banda had taken the K50,000 for distributions in the campaigns.
“Its actually dangerous that the MMD government changed the quality of the Paper without informing the Public as it stands now, in Zambia it is dificult for people trading on the markets and elsewhere to identify which is legal tender. The features to look for which includes the Print company has changed but no one has been notified. We wonder if the Banks have been notified as well,” said the source.
“Usually the bank would notify the nation if there were to be any changes to the kwacha note. The difference in the printer is a change to many because it can be seen as a counterfeit note if the old one has a different printer to the current one. Why did they keep it a secret?,” Sources asked Tumfweko.
Tender procedure was not in public and has been questioned.