SATA Speech Characterized With Attacks On RB As He Fails To Address Mining Taxation

Republican President Michael Chilufya Sata marred his first parliamentary speech with constant attacks against former president Rupiah Banda, Dora Siliya and theMMD government.
Officially opening the First Session of the Eleventh National Assembly, Mr. Sata constantly deviated from his official speech by taking jibes at Banda’s government which he kept on referring to as “corrupt’’, ‘’con government” and “thieves’’.
Mr. Sata also took substantial time away from his official speech to attack the MMD spokesperson and Petauke Member of Parliament, Dora Siliya, who was a butt of his many jokes.
Many of Sata’s supporters however, insisted that Sata was being natural and the strange unorthodox character he has brought to the presidency should be accepted; ‘’When did u last see the entire House this awake? Probably only in Frederick Chiluba’s time was Parliament this awake,” One strong supporter justified.
The President’s parliamentary speech is designed to set stage for the upcoming national budget and is intended to announce major policy changes and direction.
“I note with sadness that under the previous government, investment in infrastructure development was haphazard, poor, and the pace of development too slow to meet the aspirations of our people,”Mr Sata argued.
He continued, “The negative fiscal policies of the previous government its corruption and mismanagement of public financial resources are largely to blame for this poor state of affairs”.
One notable issue Tumfweko observed the President didnt tackle was the issue of mining taxation and the plight of the disabled persons.