EXPOSED : SOUTHERN SUN Hotel Manager A Racist And Hiding A Fugitive

WORKERS at the Southern Sun Hotel Ridgeway Branch in Lusaka have expressed their dismay and are not happy on how they are working with their white general Manager’s conduct of racial barbarism towards them.

The workers have also disclosed that he is keeping along side him an illegal immigrant as his Public Relations manager.

The workers further disclosed that he together with that illegal immigrant have registered a fictitious company which does not even appear at PACRA

Below is part of the  letter the suffering workers who have been working under constant threat;

”Good morning Editor,

We write this letter as a last resort to the many efforts we (employees)have made towards having our plight heard by the authorities.
Southern sun Ridgeway Hotel has had a Racist general manager for about five years,he does not hide his resentment towards black people and he has managed to go on for so long because of the protection he received from the previous government.
He was known to boast that he used to wine and dine with the president and his sons and therefore no one could touch him.
He has been quoted calling president Michel Sata a THUG and ULGY and even refused to attend his inauguration ceremony because of how he feel,he refused to even put up his photo around the hotel until he was approached by one of the journalist from the post news paper.He refers to us Zambians as DULL AND DOCILE because this is the only country he has lasted for so long and has gotten away with so many things because he is known to have been deported for NIGERIA AND BURUNDI for RACISM.
He has been conducting some private functions at every month in the hotel were he does not allow black guests to attend.if you visited Southern Sun Hotel on a Friday last day of the month you will bear me witness to this statement.
He is known to even shout or disrespect black guests in the hotel.This is a man whose Permit has just been renewed for another three years,he has no qualification apart form him having worked as a waiter in the hotel for over twenty years and in the military,he boasts to white guests that he runs this hotel like a Military Academy.He has engaged a friend of his to work as PR consultant privately because she does not have a WORK PERMIT.The two have registered this fictitious company which does not even appear at PACRA…its called IAM INVESTMENTS..
Employees have tried to report this man at the labour office but he has always managed to wizzle his way out of every thing because he is so corrupt.”