HH Says SATA Has Betrayed Lozi’s By Failing To Restore 1964 Barotseland Agreement

HH Says SATA Has Betrayed Lozi’s By Failing To Restore 1964 Barotseland Agreement

UNITED Party for National Development (UPND) President Hichilema says President Sata has betrayed his electoral campaign vow on restoration of 1964 Barotseland Agreement once the Patriotic Front (PF) took over the reins of power.

Meanwhile, Hichilema is pleased that pronouncements that President Sata will oversee the enactment of people driven constitution is a step in the right direction.

Hichilema is amused that instead of letting ministers appoint of disband statutory bodies the 5th Republican President was indiscriminately chasing appointed executives for the Zambia Revenue Authority and Energy Regulation Board to name but two.

Further, Hichilema is worried that President Sata is appointing Commissions of Inquiries as a measured of political appeasement to individuals and sectarian interests that supported the PF ahead of the Tuesday 20th September 2011 tripartite elections.

“It is not a sign of prudential usage of public resources to create commissions that have no substance and economic value. I hold a view that these commissions of inquiry are meant to divert attention from the core issues of sticking to the said commitment to honour the 1964 Barotseland Agreement. I expected the President to implement his political of electioneering message of restoring the Barotseland Agreement but alas, the PF leader is now buying time by creating a commission to probe what he already knows,” Hichilema argued on Costa Mwansa’s Muvi Television ‘The Assignment Programme’ on Sunday 16th October 2011.

Hakainde fondly revered as HH fears that Zambia is bound to slip into the One Party era.

Commissions must not become sourced of political appeasement.

“Allowances must not be the motivating factor. In my view those being appointed to various commissions by President Sata seem to be reaping political favours. These public bodies must not be seen as structures creating jobs and allowances for boys and girls. We must not use commissions to reward those that support a party in power. They must not be petty,” Hichilema cried foul.

HH says he equally hates corruption arguing that the vice frustrates efforts to empower the Zambian people.

“We must root it out. Corruption makes it difficult for the people to access goods and services which are a basis for good livelihoods,” Hichilema said.

Hakainde Hichilema says harmony between labour and capital must be guaranteed as a measure of sustainable development.

HH fears that lack of mutual of tripartite relations, labour or capital and oversight role of the Government could be eroded.

“Government must protect both labour and capital as either party could suffer. Jobs and economy and other stakeholders would suffer once any tripartite forced is neglected. We need a good labour and investment environment. There is a danger to in issuing political campaign messages that deceived the electorate like the Patriotic Front (PF),” prayed Hichilema.

Meanwhile, Hichilema expressed delight following pronouncements by President Sata that the PF Government would enact a broad-based and inclusive constitution within three months (90 days).

“It is good that the President restated a resolve to enact a people driven Republican Constitution within 90 days,” Hichilema said.

Officiating at the Opening of the First Session of the Eleventh National Assembly of Zambia on Friday, October 14th 2011 President Sata, reiterated a commitment towards a comprehensive review of the Republican Constitution.

“We are going to ensure that a people driven Constitution is enacted Sata told the auditorium which included First Lady Dr. Christine Kaseba Speaker of the National Assembly Judge Dr Patrick Matibini and Clerk of the National Assembly, Doris Mwiinga and Chairperson of Committee Mkondo Lungu.

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  1. Mubanga Chisanga   October 19, 2011 at 12:19 pm

    Ba Lusaka and LMS, you are both wrong. You dont know wat u re talkin abt. Jst keep quiet, KUKANWA!!!

  2. JUSTINE   October 19, 2011 at 12:27 pm


  3. Rashid Jones   October 19, 2011 at 2:09 pm

    Hated Hero aka HH is a frustrated man. We need to forgive him. the man is hating en he might even colapse bcoz of BP.

  4. FTJ   October 19, 2011 at 3:03 pm

    Did you take into account what portion rigged/staffed ballots contributed to reducing %age votes for HEMCS? There were areas MMD succeeded in rigging hence the petitions.
    Have you also taken into account many Zambians (ofcourse weak-hearted) that just stopped voting because of their loss of confidence in ECZ and MMD? But that these same people morally supported PF?
    If you want to see the real popularity of MCS you just have to see the number of Zambians that celebrated PF victory and those that turned up for his inauguration.

  5. Deningo   October 19, 2011 at 3:14 pm

    Ng’ombe Ilede, shut up,you will never be President even in 4014

  6. Sam   October 19, 2011 at 3:43 pm

    Since we all wanted Zambia to be a multi-party democracy we should accept that HH has every right to say whatever comes to his mind.

  7. mamushiko fene   October 19, 2011 at 4:16 pm

    chi HH ulichipuba.the lozis did not vote for sata then how do you expect sata to honour them.the lozis voted for you chi HH,there for chi HH you should honour them and go back to your business mwalawa ask ben mwila.

  8. W.C-CHIPATA   October 19, 2011 at 6:38 pm

    My Br. HH. You sound a bitter person and I hope you come tp terms and allow the new Gvt to deliver.

    Well, you have every right to critisize, advise but in a mature and constructive manner.

    My advise to you. How many pacts are you going to enter in? UDA, PF-UPND, APP-UPND and now its runoured yo are quoting MMD the Party you hated and condemned to hell.

    We can not trust you any longer my Br. Check yourself and chart a way forward for you Party, otherwise you are wasting yout time and money.


  9. wezy   October 19, 2011 at 9:43 pm

    if HH wher to be a women she would have finished all the men pa zed.wafuma apa waya apa always trying to test samthing new ,ata amano ububi,ba graduate ifyamumatako……

  10. state house monkey   October 21, 2011 at 7:30 pm

    look you HH lovers, i can understand how you feel because i also at some point thought HH would make an excellent president. am just not sure any more because of his conduct.
    checks and balances are good for the proper running of the country, we welcome it whole heartedly. and i think all zambians are for it. Understand one thing, if you have listened to chipimo in his recent interviews, you will discover that he has been critising the PF government and mister Sata himself. Its tnot that we dont want to listen to sata being critised, but its the way chipimo has been doing it that is winning the hearts of the people not because he is bemba. why would we support him if he was actively critising sata? its because we want checks and balances.

    What we are simply saying to HH is that he is too overzealous for nothing. I mean honestly , you cant be condeming sata over barotse agreement when parliament has barely warmed their seats.

    We are saying, he is appearing too angry and its showing on his face. his eyes are constantly bloodshot red. the problem is that, the more he organizes these press conferences the more we see his eyes. he looks like a murderer. Let him and madam hichilema go for a holiday. Take a month or two to europe or maybe go to the village to see some of his relatives and elderly pipo, they will give him wisdom.

    by the time he comes back from the village he will be refreshed and ready to go. people will miss him and hence ready to listen to him. because i can gurantee you sata will make a lot of mistakes. there will be alot of things HH will be able to point out. HH we love you man, but relax. In the near future, i see your current MPs refusing to be directed by you. remember my prophesy.

  11. Kalaluka Mwiyakui jr   October 25, 2011 at 11:41 am

    You are a fool of all fools. Stop insulting us the Lozis. You talk of ‘asses’ meanwhile you have one as well, maybe yours is too BIG, it can’t close.
    All bloggers are talking about a vital issue here, BA 64 which is real whether you like it or not. Take your insults to your family because they have the ‘anus’ you are talking about. Grow up, if you can’t express yourself on HH’s point of view on BA 64, better shut your beak you fool.
    We Barotse people have respect and dignity ourselves and all peace loving Zambians.
    Yes I agree dearly that this is a sensitive issue thats needs to solved diplomaticaly unlike you kubebya who is fond of insults. If you do not posses any paradism and debate on vital issues, then you are docile as a churinga sucinda. Respect Lozis because they have not done any harm whatsoever to you to have malice with them.
    Change your evil ways before God punishes you, repent now, otherwise you and satan will be best mates.
    Yes, Lozis have been humble with this vital issue, if you have no idea of what is occuring, maybe you are dozzing, tel your ass to wake you up.
    This is a new world and your insults are blessed with satan.
    Kubebya change, its never to late, otherwise you will soon refuse your parents to be your own.
    And just a reminder, Zambia is a unitary state of Barotseland and Northern Rhodesia hence President Sata is working on it and not you with your evil sacasm mouth. Check your history fool and Shame on you.
    HH, give Mr Sata a chance to work for the people of Zambia. Remember who you really are, and if you can’t, please watch the ‘Lion King’ maybe you will come back to reality. MMD is finished, they are just after destroying you. Corruption is a deadly disease and can be air borne.
    Don’t allign yourself with plunderers who failed to develop Zambia, they will just destroy you, its even better you join with Chipimo for a better chance. If you don’t, then you will be doomed just like MMD.
    Do not exhaust your energy building MMD before you have a ‘roof’ in your own party, otherwise you will regret it.
    Ati mwana wa seembe sa kula!

  12. Dr. Rupiah B. Banda   October 25, 2011 at 6:29 pm

    My young brother Hakainde Hichilema, the opposition president has lost direction and he is just commenting untimely. Seriously, even me, RB the loosing president is not that bitter for PF and President Sata’s government, we should work together and support one another as ONE ZAMBIA ONE NATION. HH’s comments are premature all because the people of Zambia, on the 20th September, 2011 spoke through a vote and chose who they wanted to lead them, Hence we had a peaceful transition of Government without bloodshed. The PF Government needs time to settle and and understand most things pending decision like the Balotse Agreement, if it means taking 2years and make the best decision, let it be so, than rushing to decide for the sake of deciding. This is what made us (the MMD) to be voted out. My Advisors were not telling me the truth of what people wanted. HH must relax and forcus on re-organising the UPND for 2016, otherwise, he will cry again. Politcs is not about condeming unnecessarily, its about reasoning and listening to what people want. Haka Hinde, you have a long way to go my Grandson. RB