LAFARGE Cement workers are calling for the harmonising of salaries across the board. And the workers are working under constant threat as they are intimidated hence ‘watching out’ by remaining mute.
The workers have since expressed disappointment and displeasure on the way the Local Zambian Managers are treating them by blocking progressive work culture as far as improved conditions of service are concerned.
The named managers have been at the centre stage of turning down salary increments offered by the ‘whites’ their superiors.
The workers have since disclosed Names of the Zambian Culprit Managers playing ‘Muzungu Anikonde’ as ; MWEWA KAPEPULA-INDUSTRIAL DIRECTOR, YOTAM VIYUYI-HR LUSAKA PLANT, and BEATRICE MUTATI-HR Director For Ndola and Lusaka.
And the workers have since challenged a Patriotic Front (PF) MWENSE MP who was at the company some 2 months ago in Ndola to explain their grievance to President SATA as he knows their cry failure to which, he must resign from the Patriotic Front and government at large.
The workers further disclosed that they are in constant threat and that their Union has been compromised by LARFAGE management. And it is because of this that the union fail to execute their union leadership roles for fear of being axed from their employment.
The workers however said their case was presented to labour office but nothing has been done. They have since called for a mass ‘clean up’ of Labour offices as most officers are corrupt who fail to highlight the plight of the suffering workers after being given a ‘kick back’.
Below is part of the letter which explains the cry of the suffering LARFAGE workers ;

Dear Editor,

Honourable Shamenda, President Sata,


We are  employees of lafarge cement zambia ndola plant. I want to complain about our poor working conditions. our company makes about 1.5billion kwacha per daily sales in ndola plant alone but we are paid poorly. Our yearly increments ranges from k90,000 to k120,000 per employee. Our plant machinery operators/ attendants who make cement are the lowest paid and are on contracts; most of them have worked more than 10 years on contract with very low gratuity at 15% at end of contract. Employees in the Ndola Plant are the lowest paid while those in the Lusaka plant are enjoying good salaries but same company lafarge cement, an electrician in Ndola gets 2.8millionk while in lusaka plant they get 5.2millionk. same company, same jobs but different salaries. kindly help us. Machinery Operator/Attendants gets k1.8millon kwacha per month for a company that makes billions of kwachas, it pays our four foreign managers between 150million kwacha to 450million kwacha per month as salaries with 7million kwacha weekly allowances besides paying for their accomnodation, food, electricity, dstv, vehicle allowances etc. yet they refuse to give us better salaries saying the company has no money, then how do they manage to pay these people with positions that zambians can manage? Our christmas bonuses were scrapped off 7years ago, we want it back. Production bonuses are paid in percentages disadvantaging those with lower salaries, mostly calculated at 10% so that those with bigger salaries will get more money than those who suffer for it. Retirees are never paid their full benefits, but are paid half of their total entitlement. If one is to get 200million kwacha pension, they will pay him 100million and other half remains with the company then continue paying him 400,000pin every month.  Our fellow zambian managers who have betrayed us are ; mwewa kapepula-industrial director, yotam viyuyi-hr lusaka plant,and beatrice mutati-hr director for Ndola and Lusaka. Pf mwense mp was 2months ago our hr in ndola if he doesn’t explain this to our president then he must resign from pf government. Please help us. We are seriously intimidated that we can’t strike or protest, the union is in fear 0f job losses. They are intimidated and controlled by management, they get what management decides for them. Each time they ask for an increment they say the company has no money. our friends in other bigger companies like ours e.g indeni, ndola lime, tazama etc, get good salaries. Please help us and save us from these poor and corrupt/traitor zambian managers who have let us down. Investors use their weaknesses to exploit us.

President sata and Hon. Shamenda please help us.

Concerned Ndola plant employees.