By Anna Malikana.

The above was discovered during the women’s week in Kabwe’s – Kamushanga compound in 2010.  The residents call her Mama UNIP.  On inquiring we found out that she was part of the youth women under  Mama Julia Chikamoneka.  The woman is 73 years old with good memory of what happened during the fight for our independence.  She lives in a home none of us would not want to live in.

The woman is in the middle of the picture with a grey jacket and without anything on her head but with a head scuff.  This woman has never been honored.  My writing is to make her to be discovered.  In the same compound is another freedom fighter never honored again, his name is Mr. William Bwalya.
These people worked closely with our first Republican President Dr. Kenneth Kaunda who they claim to know very well.   Mama Edna says they come from the same Lubwa Mission.
To Get In Touch with the two Heroes email  to tumfweko@aim.com for details.