Zambia’s Timber Industry To Grow – Chibamba

Zambia’s Timber Industry is poised for growth, with the looming shortage in South Africa.

Economist Chibamba Kanyama says the projected timber shortfall in South Africa provides an opportunity for other countries to meet the shortfall.

Mr. Kanyama says annual demand for timber is projected to grow at about 4.5-percent with a projected supply deficit of 15 million tones in South Africa.

He says South Africa has not instituted tariff protection on imports thereby creating opportunities for exporters to fill the gap in timber deficit.

Mr. Kanyama said in a statement to Business News in Lusaka on Friday that Zambia needs to beef up its timber industry to take advantage of the South African market.

He has called on government to restructure the production and processing of timber.

He has further called on Government to increase acreage of land for cultivation of timber.