EXPOSED : HH’s Tribalism, What Election Statistics Say

Hakainde Hichilema

This is a Careful Analysis of 2001 – 2011 Election Results and a letter sent to HH on 25th October 2011. By Maurice Makalu.





The above matter refers.

The Post newspaper has in the recent past featured editorials condemning your “tribalistic and dangerous anti-Bemba politics.”

The Zambian Inquirer asked Mr. Cornelius Mweetwa, Deputy Spokesperson of UPND and Choma Constituency MP, to comment on these allegations.

Here is what he said, “The (tribalism) attacks (from The Post) are unfair as the regional support given to the UPND is not different from that received by other parties including the Patriotic Front (PF).” He continued that, “A careful analysis of election results has revealed that the major political parties have attracted a home vote associated with a leader of the party. Further since 2001, UPND has received least votes in Northern, Luapula; while Sata has received support from the regions associated with his tribe.”

I want to give you that ‘careful analysis of elections results.’ Because clearly, if Mr. Mweetwa has ever done any careful analysis, he cannot tell such lies in the media; unless if he just wants to deceive you and the Zambian people. Or perhaps he is acting under your instructions, which I believe not, to defend your tribalism even if it means lying to the Zambian people.

According to the careful analysis, Mr. HH, the facts are:

  1. The regional support given to the UPND is VERY DIFFERENT from that received by other parties from the region of their presidents.
  2. The support Sata has received from regions associated with his tribe is not abnormal such that you should compare and use it to defend your tribalism.
  3. Further from 2001, UPND has received least votes not just from Northern and Luapula, as if Bembas were tribalistic, but from other regions as well: Livingstone Constituency, Copperbelt, Lusaka and Eastern provinces. You have grown by just over 1% in Western, North western and Central combined.
  4. Your party has received 99% growing support only from areas with growing anti-Bemba sentiments. Is that a coincidence?

Let us begin the ‘careful analysis’ that proves the above facts. THE LINK TO THE FULL DOCUMENT: