EXPOSED : SOLDIERS Angry As ZAMBIA ARMY Promotions Marred With Tribalism

SOME Zambia Army soldiers across the country are angry, disappointed and have expressed concern on the growing trend of appointing and promoting soldiers on tribal lines and not on merit.
The soldiers disclosed that newly appointed Zambia Army Commander Lt Gen Mihova is the main culprit who is in the forefront of appointing and elevating some officers and soldiers on tribal lines.
Apparently the wife to the son of a Minister of Defense has also been promoted despite her reputation questioned.
The soldiers complained that some officers are too old to be promoted in what they termed as ‘when will the younger generation’ be promoted.
They have since called on republican President to retire some aging officers who are bearing officers and busy promoting Tribalism.
Below are some of the highlights the soldiers forwarded and highlighted;

A. Lt Gen Mihova has appointed the following; Lt Col kabongu appointed Director ordinance and to be promoted to full Colonel , meanwhile the same officer is out of the country on a UN mission for the next 10 months.

B. Lt Col MD Masumba appointed Army HQ Camp Commandant. He is a very junior Lt Col promoted in June 2009 when they are more than 25 very old Senior Lt Cols dating as far back as 2002. He is to become a Colonel.

C. Major Ngimbu and Major Mumbichi as well as Major Muumbi have been promoted to local Lt Col. Major Ngimbu and Mumbichi are tribes mate to Gen Mihova while Major Ntanta Mumbi’s wife’s young sister is married to the Minister of Defense’s Son. Major Mumbichi’s behavior is bad hence the reason why the previous commanders sidelined him even the Former PS Eastern Province Mrs Mwale disliked his ‘unofficer like’ altitude who has now been made to be in charge of the troops at Gonder Barracks.

D. Majoy Wanki and Major Ikowa have been appointed Deputy Regional Commander Southern Province and Deputy Commander College respectively. In southern province there are senior officers who are actually Bemba’s.

E. Major General Lubaya appointed the following based on tribal and ethnic backgrounds Lt Col Hakaningi appointed Deputy Commandant and Chief Instructor at the military training establishment of Zambia Miltez and to be promoted to the rank of a full Colonel when there is a Colonel Sikazwe who can not be reporting to a LT Col. It’s a like a commissioner of Police reporting to assistant commissioner of police, it has never happened in the Army before and this is a reciepe for a mutiny and coup.

F. Lt Col Alibuzwi appointed Chief Instructor Army at the Defense College, an equivalence to number two when there is a full Colonel, Should now Colonel Phiri be reporting to a LT Col just because they are tribal cousin to the Deputy Army Commander? This is true drama which calls for serious attention from the commander and the President himself

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