ZAMBIANS Speak Out: AIRTEL Zambia Is Pathetic, Thieves

ZAMBIANS across the country have described mobile telecommunications company AIRTEL’s operations and services as pathetic and expensive for nothing.

This revelation follows a Tumfweko survey conducted across the country on the company’s operations and its general assessment both on the ground and through its facebook official page.

The Zambian people are not happy with the way AIRTEL Zambia is operating especially with its service provision with regards to network congestion, no network every after 5 minutes overcharging i.e being expensive, poor customer Service care at their call center and lack of confidentiality as among other things.

AIRTEL is the only Network provider which charges for a service on missed calls. K100 for one to receive missed call notification message, a situation Zambians have described as ‘Day Time Robbing’. Zambians have called for an end to what they have described as pathetic services.

The Customer Call center has been and still blocking customer numbers who have queried positive complaints and criticism to never call the service customer center.

The main culprits at the call center have been identified as ladies who the Zambian people said and described as cheeky and fond of hanging up on subscribers who question their operations positively.

Airtel has on a number of occasion failed to apologize to it’s customers on alleged pathetic and poor services.

The Zambia Information and Communications Authority [ZICTA] have also been blamed for failure to harmonize poor operations at AIRTEL with its continued dissatisfied services

The company AIRTEL Zambia has seen its owners and names changed from CELTEL, ZAIN. The company was used by the former embattled ruling party MMD when in was in power to campaign for embattled Former President Rupiah Bwezani Banda through the sending of messages and making of ‘ROBO CALLS’ in which most of the Zambians expressed annoyance with lack of confidentiality in its operations.

The company is owned owned by Indian Investors called Bhati Airtel.

AIRTEL Zambia leaked the Zambian Mobile Phone Numbers database to the MMD against the wishes of the majority Zambian Airtel subscribers with view to be used for campaigning for RB.

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