FORMER president Rupiah Banda’s sons Henry and Nenani have been summoned by a team of state investigators for questioning in connection with their father’s campaign funds and materials, according to MMD insiders.

Sources said a combined team of Zambia Police, Drug Enforcement Commission (DEC) and Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) officers probing the source of Banda’s campaign funds and materials had called the duo to explain their roles in the purchase of campaign materials.

“Mr Henry Banda was the one who was distributing campaign materials. That is why he has been summoned. Mr Nenani Banda, who is based in South Africa, has been summoned to help with investigations because he was one of the people that went to buy bicycles and chitenje materials from India. That information was relayed to their lawyer to inform them,” the source said.

“We are told they will be interrogated in connection with their father’s campaign materials particularly that they were part of the team that went to buy and distribute the goodies.”

The sources said there was no clear date given for them to appear before investigators.

“Their lawyer was told that as soon as that information is relayed to the duo, they will appear before investigators,” the source said.

When contacted, Nenani responded via sms that “I am in a workshop”. However, he did not respond to an sms query about his summoning.

Henry’s phone was not reachable.

Zambia Police spokesperson Elizabeth Kanjela said she had not gotten the information about the duo’s summoning.

“I don’t have that information especially that it is not at the police station. If it’s a team of Zambia Police, DEC, ACC, it will be difficult for me to comment,” Kanjela said.

“They haven’t gone to a police station for us to make it news to you. But the moment I get thatinformation I will be glad to give you the information as soon as possible.”

Police this week arrested Banda’s former senior private secretary Robinson Nkonde and charged him with abuse of authority of office in the former president’s campaign materials.

Banda and the MMD conducted one of the most expensive campaigns with several vehicles, bicycles, chitenje materials, sweets, caps and t-shirts among other goodies bearing the presidential candidate’s portrait and campaign messages.

Police have also seized several of the MMD vehicles that were used in the campaigns. The MMD is contesting the seizure of the vehicles.

Last week, police arrested former mines minister Maxwell Mwale in connection with MMD bicycles.

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