Open Letter To The President Mr. M.C. Sata

The Hon. Mr. M.C. Sata – President of Republic of Zambia, I  would like to advise you on many important Issues which have been offending many Zambian Citizens Abroad and at Home, since the PF Government took  Administration from MMD, and this are some  fill Issues which has been effecting and disturbing many of us :
I.   Too many so called Commissions  of Inquires Appointed by your Government  for similarly   Cases of Corruption findings, which will require a lot’s of spending from Tax Payer Money instead of investing  this funds for important Government Businesses to build good roads, more schools, better hospitals, and pump into industrial businesses to established more jobs for people and so forth .
The PF Government is paying 2.6 million kwacha per sitting to every member of Commission of inquiries why ? 2.6 million kwacha is too much for a poor new Government to start pleasing big money to a certain group of people and leaving others  without nothing into their pockets which is really unfair and sad to poor household families around the Country.

Moreover, if we take 2.6 million kwacha paying one person only for a single sitting per day compared to a person who’s average monthly income is 400.000 kwacha per month, it sounds to be an insult or discrimination among one group living into the same camp. We have to be fair  on wages or salaries distributions among Our people. That every Zambian Citizen is expecting to receive fairly treatment from the PF Government, and those where reasons the  they voted  you in Power,  to liberate them from poverty and hunger, and create more jobs.

My request to you Mr. President, in my opinion it can be wise to reduce the sitting allowances for the Commission of Inquires to  500.000 kwacha per sitting. This can sounds normal for every Zambia to hear about it, and it can give respect and fair play of equality treatment  to everyone.

Mr. President,  I think it can also be wise if you can appoint only one group of Commission of Inquires on a Six months contract basis  to work, and cover up  all types of  Corruption Inquires as a result to cut down the expenses and costs of this project, and to save Government funds for other important Government Businesses.

Mr. President, let me remind you that, in order to achieve the goal within Our Judiciary System of Zambia, we have to take the task of Appointed Commission of Inquiries very seriously, that  is  way you have to dissolve or revoke  the existing Commissioners of Inquiries and re- appoint a single Commission of Inquires to carry out all the entirely  executions  of Inquires from one to another, time to time and  fairly without selective, and to bring  the suspects to justice and soon as possible. And the quiet ones  must be locked behind the jails as quick as possible.

Mr. President, I would like  to  remind  you that, this journey of the Commission of Inquires can not be done into a short cut. It is a marathon journey because Corruption events took more than 20 years  in Zambia.
Therefore, you have to make sure that all Corruption  Cases are brought before the Commission of   Inquires including  :

The Sell of Our Copper Mines —- who where behind, and beneficiaries of this Crime.

The Sell of Zambia Air Ways —- who where behind and beneficiaries of this Crime.

3.  The Sell of Zamtel —–  who where behind and beneficiaries of this Crime.

4 . The Sell of Finance Bank —- who where behind and beneficiaries   of this Crime.

5.  Investigations of Transactions at the Zambia National Building Society (ZNBS).

6.  Corruption and Scandals  within the Zambia Revenue Authorities (ZRA).

7.  Corruption and Scandals  within the Ministry of Lands.

8.  Mr. Rupiah Banda’s 3.5 billion duplex project.

9.  Mrs. Thandiwe Banda’s billions of Kwacha.

10. Late Mr. Fredrick Chiluba Acquittal Scandal.

11.  20 million dollars Arms deal, and Carlington  Maize Saga.

12.  Gold and missing Lexus Saga.

13.  Chiluba’s Oil Scandal (missing Oil tankers during the period of 1999 – 2001).

14.  Illegal State Contracts Scandals period between  1991 to 2011.

15.  500.000 dollars Scandal stolen by late Mr. Chiluba – and who where behind this Crime.

16.  57 Million dollars Scandal stolen by late Mr. Chiluba, and expenditures from a Secret  Intelligence Agency Account in London that was ‘’set up primarily to steal Government money ‘’ – and who where the beneficial  and behind this Crime.

17.  Findings of Mrs. Regina Chiluba Acquittal on  possession of stolen properties, and theft.

18.  27 Billion kwacha Scandal at First Alliance Bank, it is alleged that Mrs. Maureen Mwanawasa had 10 Million Dollars under this arrangements , findings of Fraudulent Transaction and who where the beneficiaries or behind this Crime.

19. The Scandal of Zambia Airways Houses – and who where behind Crime.

I am personally very disappointed by the large number and incompetent people the PF government has appointed as members of experts to draft the new republican constitution of Zambia. 20 is such a huge number and a share waste of billions kwacha’s from tax payers money for a very simple project.
The constitution review is the simplest project, because Zambia has in place many abandoned drafted constitutions including from Chona, Mwanakatwe, Mvunga and Mungomba constitutions and the most recent draft constitution bill.
It is just a matter of reviewing these and come up with a better edition and for this we just need 10 people as we have done the same exercise for the past 40 years. At this stage, we need only to improve few things which even a grade 7 school leaver can manage. We just need to add few articles and pass it to parliament for enactment.
Therefore, I  am appealing to you Mr. President to look into this issues, so that all the Corruption Scandals from 1991 are heard, the Single Commission of Inquires is Appointed on a Six Months basis to handle the Corruption Sittings, the revoke the Appointments Experts  for the Zambia’s Constitutional  Bill Review to less than 10 members.
Wish you a better Success and long live.
Yours in Mission,
Mr. Brown Chibale Kapika
President for Adedo Zamucano Political Party (
Secretary General for Civil and Human Rights Organization (