7 Women In Court For SLICING Teen Girls’ GENITALS

Malawi Police arrested seven women in the lake-shore northern district of Nkhata Bay for performing genital mutilation on two young girls and they are facing prosecution.

A female child being Mutilated (Female circumcision) using a razor blade.

The women are reported to have sliced the vaginas of two girls aged 15 and 16 with a brand new razor blade with the aim of preventing them from prostitution.

African Instruments they use to circumcise Females !

Nkhatabay police spokesperson Martin Bwanali confirmed, saying one of the suspect is a mother to one of the girls.
Police said the seven women are answering charges of unlawful wounding contrary to section 421(a) of the penal code and attracts a maximum seven years sentence.

“One of them suffered a wound measuring 4.5-5cm long and 0.4cm deep,” the police spokesman said.

Police said after performing clitoris removal, they dumped the young girls outside the bar and leaving them in pain until some wishers who were shocked with the incident took the girls to hospital.

The torturous procedure is said to have been done at one of the rooms near the bar.

The seven suspects are identified as Ireen Kasambara, aged 38 (mother to one of the girls), Ruth, 29, Lilian, 25 and Ireen Kaunda, 20, Martha, 22, and Anne Kamanga, 20, and Joy Aliya, 31.