Girl Gives Birth to 3 Goblins After An Incestuous Relationship With Her Father


A 15 year old,  Zimbabwean girl recently gave birth to three goblins after committing an incestuous relationship with her father, Vusi Dabengwa, for over two years.

According to Zimbabwenewsonline, after his beloved wife Bongiwe passed away from AIDS, Vusi believed that her spirit was urging him to turn to his daughter to satisfy his sexual desires. Bongiwe visited Anodiwa in a dream and told her that she must bed with her father and allow him to go into her, and so the two began to be intimate. The family is believed to be cursed.

The  incestuous relationship started when Vusi’s daughter Anodiwa was thirteen years old. This also means that Anodiwa was below the age of sexual consent .

In May this year Anodiwa fell pregnant, to the surprise of everyone in Tashinga. Vusi claimed she had been raped by goblins to deflect suspicion of their incest. Nothing unusual about the pregnancy was discovered until the moment of birth.

To the horror of all who witnessed it, three goblins emerged from the womb of young Anodiwa and began to curse her and her father, claiming that the spirits of their ancestors were angry with them for their incest and that they must be punished.

All those present at the birth have since suffered strange afflictions and great misfortune.

Sheep belonging to one man all went mad and ran away as if the flock had been possessed by a demon. A woman who also witnessed the birth of Anodiwa’s birth of goblins experienced a violent expulsion of her bowels.

Due to the incestuous relationship father and daughter are now terribly deformed and unrecognisable.

“The doctor can do nothing for us. He says our deformities are the work of the devil and cannot be undone”. said Anodiwa.

The two who are still engaging in their incestuous relationship up to this day, are now so ugly that there is not a man or woman alive who could stand to look at them every day, let alone go to bed with them.