KELLY Rowland To Meet Her Dad FIRST TIME In 22 Years

THE ‘Down for Whatever’ US singer is planning to meet with her estranged dad Christopher Lovett for the first time in 22 years, and she admits the reunion is only happening because she accidently saw him in a magazine.
She said: “A couple of weeks ago I was reading through a magazine and I saw a picture of him. I didn’t even know who it was until I read the caption. I haven’t seen him for 22 years.
“After that, I do plan on seeing him over the holidays, I’m nervous as hell. I don’t want to think about it. We’ll see what happens.”
Kelly – who was raised by her mother Doris before moving in with the family of her Destiny’s Child bandmate Beyonce Knowles when she was 11 –admits she has few memories of her dad and what she can remember is very “bleak”.
She told the new issue of Britain’s Marie Claire magazine:
“They’re pretty bleak memories to be honest. My earliest memories of him are short visits.
“It wasn’t really bonding time. Me and my mom were always chasing after him. As a kid, that’s not a good feeling.”
When she saw the picture of Christopher, Kelly surprised even herself with her extreme reaction.
She explained: “I completely lost it. My camp saw me disappear into the bathroom and they were like, ‘What happened?’
“I didn’t know there was so much emotion still there.
“You close so many different things of your life, and I like to shut them off and keep moving. But, in that moment, it just sucked everything out of me and I cried so hard. There were so many different emotions –confusion more than anything.”