TEACHER Arrested For Getting Pregnant For SCHOOLBOY

A 43-year-old PE teacher arrested after having sex with a 13-year-old Austrian schoolboy is now pregnant by him.

Renata Juras was given a 22 suspended sentence after the boy told the court he loved her and they planned to marry.

The teacher even moved in with him and his mother after she lost her job as a teacher because of the affair.

The affair was exposed after the boy, Erwin, told his stepfather and he reported the woman, originally from Croatia, to police.

The court heard that had the couple waited just four months, the woman would not have faced trial as the legal age for entering into relationships with adults in Austria is 14.

The boy, now 16, said: “I was presented as the victim – as if she had seduced me. That was a completely false representation. It was me that made all the moves.”

Renate, who used to coach the youth handball team where Erwin was a player before she was fired, is overjoyed at being pregnant.

She already has a daughter one year younger than Erwin and at the same school, and said: “It is a completely planned pregnancy that we both wanted. I am insanely happy. We already have a name but we won’t reveal what it is yet.”

The couple are now married and are expecting their baby in June.



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