Police in Lusaka have arrested renowned local Musician General Kanene for defilement.

CONTROVERSIAL musician General Kanene has been arrested by police who are accusing him of defilement.
And Inspector General of Police Martin Malama has promised that the police service will root out all armed robbers posing a danger to life and property in the country.
Lusaka Province commissioner Charity Katanga said Kanene, 26, is held at Lusaka central police station and is expected to appear in court soon.
“The matter of defilement involving Kanene is being handled by the Victim Support Unit (VSU) and the age of the victim is unknown,” Ms Katanga said.
But sources close to the girl said she is 14 and in Grade Seven at a Lusaka school.
The incident happened on Friday night.
Non-Governmental Organisations Co-ordinating Council (NGOCC), executive director Engwase Mwale said she was saddened by the allegation involving Gen Kanene because musicians are supposed to be role models.
She said music is an effective medium of exchange and can be used to send messages to society regarding the prevention of sexual crimes and protecting people’s rights.
Ms Mwale said musicians are expected to send out positive messages to educate the public.
She said the NGOCC hopes the law will take its course and that Gen Kanene will receive a fair trial, and if found guilty, should be punished.
Ms Mwale said cases of gender-based violence and sexual abuse of girls should be condemned regardless of the status of the person involved.
And Tusunge Ana Athu Akazi Coalition (TAAAC) co-ordinator Eugenia Temba says her coalition is greatly disheartened by continued “irreparable damage to the fabric of our society.”
“We have noted with great concern that the number of reports of sexual violence against young girls in Zambia is escalating, particularly in the last few months.
“This is cause for serious action.  We hope that police will ensure that this young victim accesses speedy justice as prescribed by the law. TAAAC will be following this case very closely,” Ms Temba said.
Gen Kanene, whose real name is Clifford Dimba, was last year being sought by police for assaulting one of his three wives.
In August last year, together with Ray Muleza known as ‘Marcky 2’ and radio DJ Khumalo, General Kanene was arrested in connection with theft of copper worth K1.7 billion.
And Ms Katanga said police have launched a manhunt for a man identified as Justwel Sikombe of Kapila village in Chitimukula’s area in Mungwi in Northern Province.
He is believed to have defiled his 12-year-old step-daughter.
Ms Katanga appealed to members of the public to provide information that may lead to the arrest of the man.
Meanwhile, police have gunned down another dangerous criminal, a former convict identified as Brown Sakala.
Police public relations officer Elizabeth Kanjela said in a statement yesterday Sakala was the mastermind of most of the aggravated robberies that have rocked Lusaka lately.
It is barely two days when another dangerous criminal, Emmanuel Malunga, was gunned down at Olympia High School after shooting a police officers.
Ms Kanjela said Sakala was spotted at his hideout in Matero.
He staged a robbery in Emmasdale involving US$150,000 and K150 million.
Ms Kanjela said upon receiving information, the police followed the suspect to the same hideout, a storeroom, which is an extension of his mother’s main house.
Ms Kanjela said Sakala started firing through a wooden door and police officers had to fire back.
She said after being shot in the left arm and chest, Sakala surrendered and was taken to the University Teaching Hospital (UTH) where he died upon arrival.His body is lying in the UTH mortuary awaiting postmortem.
Police recovered an AK47 assault rifle with eight rounds of ammunition.
And Dr Malama has warned criminals that they would be sorted out to protect the lives and property of innocent citizens.
He said government has allowed police to recruit 1,500 officers this year and the number will include people of different expertise.
He was speaking when he handed over a Land Cruiser to Chelstone police post to help with patrols in the area.


Police Spokesperson Elizabeth Kanjela has confirmed the development in Lusaka Saturday 2/4.

Ms Kanjela says General Kanene has since been charged with defilement and he will appear in court soon.

She says Kanene has been remanded at the Lusaka Central Police Station.

Among the popular songs Kanene has sang is called ‘Tusikana twamanje’ translated as ‘small girls of nowadays’

Last year, Kanene and Copperbelt based Music Superstar Macky 2 were arrested for stealing copper cathodes.

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    Some time this girls the way they dressing,And G.M.O ama body you can’t even know she’s 14 or 16 when you ask her she’s can’t tell you they always say why do you want to know my years. Let’s try by all mean’s to find out excactly what happened then we judge at last. Am not diffending General Kanene or the girl am just at middle.

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    Some time this girls the way they’re dressing,And G.M.O ama body you can’t even know if she’s 14 or 16 when you ask her how old are you?? she’ll never tell you the truth, they always say why do you want to know my years. Let’s try by all mean’s to find out excactly what happened then we judge at last. Am not diffending General Kanene or the girl am just atthe middle.

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    LETS FACE FACTS.nowadays u cant tell who is underage or whos not.girls of nowadays look old enough to be our wives.u c there breasts,there are as big as the one who breastfeeds and hanging,look at the behinds,even a grown man can not supportin kanyenge…oh sorry kanene but am tryin to tell u parents out there to watch what yo daughters choose to wear before u let them loose or else we’ll be fuckin and paying,kaili jail is for those who can’t afford to pay.

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