Rupiah’s Son Henry Banda Hiding At Kenya’s state House

Rupiah’s Son Henry Banda Hiding  At Kenya’s state House

Henry Banda

Rupiah Banda’s son Henry is being kept  at state house in  Kenya The Post reports.

Investigators recently said  Henry who is wanted by the police for the alleged corruption during his fathers rule is seeking refugee in Kenya after alarm was sounded for his possible interrogation.

The truth is that Henry is in Kenya, as you may know the former president Rupiah Banda is a close friend to our president[Mwai Kibaki] here.

So those stories that Henry is here are very correct, source told The Post.

There is a very close link between your former president and our president here, they are friends, so it is not surprising that Henry is living there [at state house]

Former inspector  General of police Dr Martin Malama recently said an arrest warrant had been issued against Henry and appealed to Interpol member state to help track Henry down over his involvement in a number of corrupt deals when his father was president.

But former president Banda denied that Henry was in Kenya and said it was silly for the investigative wing to embark on such a move.

“He is silly who ever issued it[He is former inspector General of police Dr Martin malama] Head of police, he is supposed to be protecting Zambians instead of inciting People,” Banda said. Banda said he had to sort out the  issue with his son whom some people said had run away from the country because he stole.


Among the many deals Henry was accused of brokering a transaction  in which a Kenyan oil trading company Dalbit petroleum Ltd clinched  a muilt- million dollar contract to supply  finished petroleum products to Zambia.

There were also reports on how Kenyan businessmen who had attended the tender opening ceremony  in Lusaka had being given aide de camps by the previous government

Henry was also  linked to the illegal sale of Zamtel to Libyas Lapgreen Network who’s shareholding in the telecommunication company has since been repossessed by government after commission of inquiry instituted to investigate the transaction found and there was a lot of corruption involved in the deal

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