Masturbation Is Not A Sin – Pastor Chris Oyakhilome [Video]

Masturbation Is Not A Sin – Pastor Chris Oyakhilome [Video]

For people worried about offending God on the issue of masturbation, yours truly renowned man of God of the Christ embassy Pastor Chris Oyakilome reckons it is not a sin to masturbate.
In a television broadcast of Pastor Chris Live, a viewer from Ghana sent in a question asking how one can overcome masturbation.

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome kept his cool and tackled the questions head on – even though his answer must have got a good number of viewers going OMG!

“The reason you want to stop this is because of what you think it is,” he says. “You think there’s something wrong with this. Get this straight, in itself it is not a sin against God but satan uses it to oppress our minds to make us feel ineffective and inefficient in the things of God. God has got nothing to do with it, he is not offended by it unless it takes a hold of your mind.”

Pastor Chris likens masturbation to playing football. It’s a habit, he says, and if you want to stop it, replace it with another habit.

Ok, so certainly, this must come as a relief to many!

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