Is She A Gold Digger? She Asked Me To Buy Her New Shoes On Our First Date

I met this girl some two weeks ago when I was with my brother,I  got her number and I asked her to go and catch a movie at Arcades on Friday, 16th, March..

When we were at the counter about to buy tickets, I got K100 Kwacha( in two 50 pin notes since two tickets were going at K60 on Friday) from my wallet. I gave the salesman and he handed me the change but to my surprise and embarrassment the new girl quickly grabbed  the change that the sales man handed back to me.

The movie was to start in 30 minutes and so we sat to chill for the movie. She said she wanted to check out something in a boutique so we went in the boutique and worse still she picked a pair of shoes and told me she loved them and she wanted me to buy her the shoes that very moment.

I don’t know who if she’s a gold digger, but how can I describe this kind of a person? That was the first time we went out together on a date…. I didn’t buy her shoes though I felt kind of  guilty for not doing so.

what do you think about this kind of a person fellow readers?

TC, From Lusaka