China Gives Zambia 85 Billion Kwacha Grant

Zambia has signed a 15.8 million dollars economic and technical corporation grant agreement with China.

The two countries have also signed five bilateral exchanges of notes which will cover the implementation of the technical corporation for the Agriculture Technology demonstration center, provision of solar mobile system and support to the Confucius institute at the University of Zambia.

The bilateral exchange notes will also cover the construction of the Chinese Doctors’ residence at the Levy Mwanawasa general hospital and the hosting of hosting of two seminars for Zambian government officials in china.

Acting Republican President and finance and National planning minister Alexander Chikwanda signed on behalf of the Zambian government while vice minister of commerce Li Jinzao signed on behalf on behalf of the government of the people’s republic of china.

Speaking after signing the agreements in Lusaka yesterday, Mr. Chikwanda said the economic and technical corporation grant will go a long way in improving skills for the country’s manpower in various sectors.

The acting President said the grant will also lead to increased productivity coupled with greater efficiency and ultimately a reduction in poverty levels.

He said the technical corporation on the agriculture demonstration center has added another dimension to the government’s efforts in developing and utilizing new technology and capacity building in the agriculture sector.

And Chinese vice minister of commerce Li Jinzao underscored that Zambia is one of the largest beneficiaries of Chinese grants in Africa.
Mr. Li said through an interpreter that Zambia%u2019s exports into China hit a record high 2.8 billion dollars in 2011 adding that his government will work to further enhance trade between the two countries.

Meanwhile, Zambia, China and Tanzania have signed a loan agreement for the Tanzania Zambia Railways (TAZARA), a 15th protocol on Technical Corporation for TAZARA and a protocol on the implementation of the feasibility study on the rehabilitation of TAZARA.

Acting republican President Alexander Chikwanda expressed hope that feasibility study will be completed in time so that rehabilitation works can commence.

Speaking earlier, United Republic of Tanzania communications minister Omari Nundu who signed non behalf of his GOVERNMENT said TAZARA has to operate as a sustainable undertaking.

Mr. Nundu however noted that certain elements from the 14th protocol on TAZARA have not been implemented and therefore called on the tripartite to execute some fundamentals from the previous protocols so that they move in tandem with the signed 15th protocol.

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