Ex-Satanist Gideon Mulenga EXPLAINS How He Was Initiated Into SATANISM

Ex-Satanist Gideon Mulenga EXPLAINS How He Was Initiated Into SATANISM

Gideon Mulenga was born to a mother who practiced Satanism and was initiated into Satanism when he was a baby, He said he was initiated by the mother who was also initiated by the mother.
His mother wanted to have some money so she consulted her mum who was already in Satanism so she told her a way to do it. So she was initiated and she was told not to have any child and she should not get married which when he was born, the mother was asked to kill the baby and divorce her husband but she deiced to divorce the father and spared the baby. That’s how she went with the Child to Namibia.

In this Video Mulenga explains how he was initiated into Satanism and how he was DELIVERED AND SAVED BY JESUS.
“ So after my mother divorced my father, she went to Namibia with me. There in Namibia that is when she decided to give me to the devil, to the kingdom of darkness, to Satanism where she belonged.
Because I was young at the time I was initiated so I didn’t know I was initiated.
Every time I went to school I was given a cup of blood to drink, I knew it was blood but I couldn’t ask the mother why I was taking blood to say why are you giving me blood because I was already possessed.
When I started going to school I started experiencing difficulties and strange things, to  the extent that I even stopped going to school because it was too difficult for me. That’s how I went to my mum and explained to her, that mum I don’t know whats going on in my life, no one loves me, my teachers hate me and friends hate me too so that’s how she told me that no you don’t belong to this world.

But at that  time I was just about 7 years old so I could understand what was going on so she quoted a scripture from Genesis chapter 12. She read that scripture and I was convinced because she read it from the bible but the devil actually twists scriptures, that why it is important for us as Christians to also read the scriptures as-well. So by twisting the scripture that’s how I was trapped and found myself in trouble.
Whenever I went to school I started admiring things, I said to myself, I want to be like this, I want to be like my mother because she was very rich. She went on to say all I have came from the kingdom Darkness. After my mother twisted the scripture she went on to say all that she had came from the kingdom of darkness. She said she killed people and she sacrificed to the devil.
She said the devil is good, that’s why he is hated.,she said you are good then everyone around you will hate you.
From that moment she showed me the way to initiation, she said tonight when you go to sleep someone will come and collect you but I didn’t know how I was going to be collected. So when I slept  I heard some strange noise outside, I thought we were  attacked by the thieves, so I tried to peep through the window but I didn’t anybody.
Then I switched off the lights and I slept so I heard a voice telling to  wake up, that  time has come to go to the place. at that time I was about 7 years old, the same year.

What was happening was actually something to so with soul traveling so its my soul that came out and I found myself in a strange place where I was being interviewed and being given conditions. We made covenants and everything then from that time I was given a black  knife and a gown was told to be using the knife for sacrifices,  it was like a dream and when I woke up I was like, mum I had a dream and she said no that’s not a dream, that’s the place I told you about and that’s where you went.

So I said but I don’t have a knife that they gave me and a gown then she told me to say no those things are in my bedroom, we went to her bedroom and I saw them live so I said those things I saw in my dreams I have seen them live so she said the place where you went that’s where I belong so those things are here, and from that time she started teaching me how to kill.”


Ex-Satanist Gideon Mulenga – Set Free by Jesus! from Oslokirken on Vimeo.

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