Police Arrest And Lock Up Dora siliya

The joint Government Investigations Team has formally charged and arrested Former Minister of transport and communications, Dora Siliya for abuse of office contrary to section 99 of the penal code chapter 87 of the laws of Zambia.
In the first count, she is alleged to have directed the cancellation of a duly awarded tender for the supply, delivery, installation and commissioning of the Zambia Air Traffic Management Surveillance Radar System to Thales Air System of South Africa.
In the second count, Ms. Siliya is alleged to have accepted a free offer from selex Systemi Integatic S.P.A for the repair of a radar head at the then Lusaka without following the procedure. As a result, the government lost 1, 943, 932, 360, which is almost two-billion-kwacha.
This is according to a statement by Joint Government investigations Team Spokesperson, Charity Munganga-Chanda.
She is currently detained at Woodlands Police station.