Sibonginkhosi Foundations IMPLORES Youths And All Nationals To Stop Engaging In ILLICITY SEX

Dear Editor,

Compliments of the season to you and your staff and we pray that the blessings of easter be with you in full.

Editor, as an organisation we wish to send a special message to the nation through you on the need for everyone to celebrate this holiday in the manner that is befitting. It has been noticed that many people like to utilise holidays to engage themselves in various vices that do not add value to their lives. Over this period we have conducted some counselling sessions for youths in chawama compound of lusaka and we have noticed that still a big percentage of our young people are engaging themselves in illicity sex with more than one partner. This is in the midst of a lot of effort being put in by the government and all colaborating parnters to sensitise the communities against such behaviours. We have further discovered that most of this activities are committed without use of condoms resulting in pregnances which are secretly abortated unerthically or through the many private clinics.
It is with the said in mind that we wish to call on the youths and all nationals to stop engaging themselves in illicity sex of this nature as it is a good ground for the spread of HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases. Futher, commiting these abortions is not only bad to the society but also risks some women with barrenness. Furthermore, govenrment needs to come up with a way of monitoring these private clinics to ensure that they are provinding a service to the best of the nation and not as a haven for terminating pregnances and other evil vices.


Martin Mulenga
Executive Director
Sibonginkhosi Foundations