Zambia’s economy, positive – BOZ

The Bank of Zambia says the country’s economic performance in the last six months has been positive.

This is despite the country witnessing a change of government about six months ago.

Deputy Governor of operations Bwalya Ng’andu has told QFM news that the sustained single digit inflation rate and the positive economic growth are a strong indication that the country%u2019s economic performance is on the right track.

Dr. Ng’andu has further stated that a number of Book-runners across the world have expressed interest in assisting the Zambian Government issue the 500 million Euro bond.

Book-runners are responsible for the administration of the issuance of a bond for tasks such as inviting institutional investors to subscribe and allocating bonds to subscribers.

The central bank deputy governor says this is also an indication of the country strong economic performance which has also instilled confidence in the international investor community.

Dr. Ng’andu however noted that a lot needs to be done in terms of policy direction to sustain economic growth.

Some opposition political leaders have argued that the PF has failed to come up with a sound economic policy to continue growing the country’s economy.