Can Zambians Entrust A Woman For Presidency?

 By Martin Mwango

For sometimes I have been thinking that one time our nation will be ruled by a lady, looking at the number of women who are well educated in our nation. To the contrary women in politics, in music industry and in other social sectors in Zambia have never convinced us to have the potential of been our future leaders. Looking at some women with high profiles and talented you can notice that they have no passion for our mother Zambia.

In Zambia we have rich cultural values and in addition to that Zambia has embraced as well the Christian values that guide our moral life. Now it`s a pity to see the people we look up to, are busy playing against these values and this is making me wonder if really some women have heart for our nation. In a Zambian society a woman has been always respected due to the role she plays as a mother, and someone can agree with me that Zambian mothers are the best mothers in Africa and Zambian government have been in support of a woman to see her going forward. Not too long ago in Zambia we had a “girl child campaign” and from this campaign we saw a lot of development in our societies; a young girl was allowed to go back to school after giving birth, APU classes were introduced in schools. These demonstrated the respect Zambian government has for women.
However, women now in Zambia have become like Musical or Political instruments only, they are like an object (robots, when it is feed with information it goes and off load as it has been feed). If we may ask, where is their dignity and their human norms? Our women we know you have charismatic voices and potential to draw us to your attention but if they go out to demostrarent against homosexual, gender, child abuse etc, please don`t show your bums, breasts or tell the nation how good you are in bed and if you are a musician and you want to preach against child abuse don`t show off your thighs, belly but preach the message while holding onto your values as a woman. Look at the countries like Liberia and Malawi today the president there is a lady and in Kenya we have a woman president in an opposition part and she is standing high chances to rule the nation in future. We too respect you so much, don`t prove yourselves to be housewives only, you can also make it for a good leader of the nation tomorrow.
We are all witness to some women with high positions and talents, how they behavior in the public “poor dressing, adultery, etc. Today we can ask ourselves can we entrust our nation in their hands as head of the state. Women stand up and fight for your identity. God bless our woman.