Livingstone Tour Operators Appeal To President Sata

H.E. Mr. M.C. SATA
President of the Republic of Zambia

Dear Your Excellence,
Sir, without wasting much of your time we the tourism community in Livingstone, are so concerned and worried on how tourism has/is been handled in this country and particularly in Livingstone, tourism is a very lucrative business because of its multiplier effect; but us as tourism businesses in Livingstone we feel we have been let down by the Ministry of Tourism. Tourism is an important sector not only to Zambia but the world over and it needs seriousness in policy decision making so that the industry can make meaningful contribution to the economic development of the country.
Currently Zambia and Zimbabwe are working on co-hosting the 2013 UNWTO General Assembly to our investigations Zimbabwe has moved miles away and all structures are in place with full involvement of the private sector and yet in Zambia the private sector is not fully engaged at all despite been used in the bidding process and we now feel left out.
The ministry of tourism never want to have meetings with the private sector and they always view the private sector like competitors and not partners which is regrettable; tourism is anchored on the private sector and if we the private sector are not fully involved we wonder how tourism will develop in Zambia.
We recall the previous government allocating some money about 8billion kwacha for the Livingstone and Northern Province tourism development up to now we in tourism in Livingstone have not heard anything that has happened with this money.
Before Tourism and Hospitality Act was in effect it was rejected by the tourism community and returned to parliament to date we do not know what is going on with this Act and yet the ministry continue collecting license fees without sensitizing the people
Tourism has been poorly marketed why should our neigbours be doing well than us and yet we have the same tourism attractions may be even better.
Mr. President we feel the problem is with the Director of Tourism Justina Wake she has lived her useful life at the Ministry of Tourism and the ministry needs new people to drive this industry forward. As tour operators in Livingstone we feel Justina has over stayed at the Department, she has run out of ideas and become a liability to the tourism industry. She is running the department like her personal business she is not serious; for her its business as usual always travelling. Unless Justina is moved tourism will never make any meaningful contribution to the economic development of this beautiful country. Shifting the department from one ministry to the other will not solve anything as long as she is there.
Mr. President if tourism is to make a contribution as provided for in the PF manifesto the director of tourism should be retired with immediate effect or transferred to other ministry, just like you have done with some other officers we are crying as the tourism community in Livingstone please Mr. President take action and help us.
If the UNWTO General Assembly is to be a success we need to move together as tourism industry private and public sectors and this can only happen if this Director can be moved please Sir help us. We anxiously waiting for your prompt action Mr. President

Yours in National and tourism Interest
Tour Operators
Cc: Hon. Given Lubinda โ€“ Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Tourism
Cc: The Chairperson โ€“ Parliamentary Committee on Tourism
Cc: Hon. Minister โ€“ Southern Province
Cc: Permanent Secretary – Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Tourism
Cc: Secretary to the Cabinet