Good day Editor,
We wish through your media to congratulate the technical committe on the constitution for finally giving the Zambians a taste of what the constitution should constist of, based on the main review commisions that we have had in the past. It indeed gives some indication of the governments committment to facilitating a people driven constitution that will stand a test of time.This in itself is a good step in strengthening our democracy and promoting good governance of our nation.
We note with interest editor that a number of contetious issues have been addressed in the draft. Issues of the 50 +1 majority, provision for the presidential running mate, afixed periods of holding of the elections, declaration of zambia as a christian nation, dual citizenships,and parentage clause for presidential candidates and decentralisation of power to enable regional or provincial high level participation in the governance of various area in line with the priority issues facing the regions.We feel that having taken these matters into consideration will brighten the faces of citizens as these are some of the many issues Zambian people have been crying for, but for the past 20 years or so have not been coming forth.
We therefore, wish to call on all Zambians both living in Zambia and abroad, up to the furtherst parts of the country to take a look at this document and make positive recomendations that are not just focused on today but that addresses tomorrow for our children as well. We call on all political parties, religious organisations, members of the civil society to put aside their polical orientations and look at this matter as a national issue and not only affects the PF but all Zambians, hence the need for a cross cut participation without shanning as it used to happen in the past.
Kind regards
Martin Mulenga
Executive Director
Sibonghinkosi Foundation