Should Herbal Medicines Such As ‘Mutoto’ Be Banned?




The Permanent Secretary

Ministry of Health

Ndeke House



Dear Sir,

Ref: Herbal Medicines in the Streets

Permanent Secretary we are an organization that is supplementing government efforts in the providing a healthy and safe environment in our country through various awareness activities in the society on why and how citizens need to actively partner with government in achieving this goal. We hereby write Permanent Secretary to bring to your attention the increase in the sell and use of herbal medicines in our streets in the Central Business District of Lusaka and Other Towns in Zambia. We note with concern this status of affairs as it possess a serious risk to our people seeing that this business seems to be unregulated and medicines are administered without prescriptions from the professionally qualified staff from your Ministry. We have in the recent past received news of some people in various parts of the nation having serious adverse results from these medicines like prolonged erections in men even up to 3 days as a result of using the herbal medicines commonly know “MUTOTOTO” or CONGO DUST”. This is not only happening to our men but also our women who have ended up being disfigured as a result of some “HIPS AND BUMS DEVELOPMENT MEDICINES”

It is against this back ground Permanent Secretary that we call on your office in collaboration with other government wings like the Ministry of Local government, local councils and the Drug Enforcement Commission to quickly move in and bring some sanity in this area. Our fear is that if this situations remains unchecked we may end up losing some lives or/and  some people becoming insane as was the case with the now banned notorious liquor sachets “TUJILIJILI” hence affecting the national economy.

We would like to mention here Permanent Secretary that we have confidence in your office and that we are willing to work and consult with you on how best this matter and many ills in our country can addressed should it need arise. We further note your commitment to achieving a disease free Zambia.


With Regards


Martin Mulenga

Executive Director