Dear editor,
compassion for creatures, it’s time to stop the killing.

I felt compelled to write today after I watched on ZNBC prime news of 12th May 2012. I am shocked to see police officers using guns to the defenseless dogs being killed in such a way. I write to you out of deep concern about current plans for dog killing in the capital of Zambia Lusaka.

We understand large numbers of stray animals can cause disease and annoyance to the neighborhood, but killing is not the solution for overpopulation of unregistered dogs.

Think ahead because you’ll have to kill the new generation of dog.

Killing may be easy but it is also ineffective. Besides, it shows a total disrespect to life. You work in the name of the people of Zambia. If the culling goes ahead, you bring shame on us and the nation.

One proven and effective method to overcome overpopulation is through asking well wishers to adopt some of these stray dogs.

We urge you work together with animal welfare organizations to ensure the whole process accords with good animal welfare practices. We believe international organizations would be more than happy to have the opportunity to help.

Carefully planned dog control programs will prevent stray dogs from multiplying. If rabies still poses questions, still mass rabies vaccination should be carried. And never forget both to educate and to apply laws and punishments strictly to irresponsible pet.

I always hope Lusaka will set the example for other local governments in animal policies.

I also hope, in the name of all people concerned about humanity, we will hear from you about this matter at the earliest possible opportunity.
Mubela jackson