The Tendacy Of Rigging And Cheating Has Entered Zambian Blood System

Dear Editor,

Countries are ranked academically just like they are ranked economically.

The recent research has shown that Zambia is ranked 13, in the region out of the 15 countries in the region and that means we are the third last in the region –imagine!

Generally speaking, this is a threat to Zambians if some of you didn’t know. In fact any thing must be determined by its results-what do you think are some of the major results of this animal?

In the past Zambia used to be known on the academic basis, but today it’s a different story. The reason is very simple, the pupils, students, teachers and lecturers were very committed and they never encouraged cheating, rigging and leakage at large. The word leakage never used to be used and many thought there was no such a word, not that they were not good at dictionary but they took it to be a silent word.

Now this problem has come and is for us, then what should we do? What will you do with your students?, your pupils?, and so forth. Lecturers in colleges, teachers in schools and examiners where have you gone wrong? And what have you done? In Kunda language we say,”sima ikafuwa upuwa ni mtiko ukhala mukati”-that is to say when the nsima is not well cooked what to blame is the cooking stick.

To remind you one thing is that, because of this Zambians will have slim chances of working in other countries-we shall be considered not qualified despite the masters, degrees, diploma and certificates we have. We should stop KUZIGON’GA!!!

At this point I appeal to the Ministry of education and all educational inspectors to look into this matter seriously and carry proper observation to both private and public institution.

Manson Chamatwa Banda, Kabwe.