Open Letter To Pastor Nevers Mumba

Do you know how exhausting it must be, for someone to be related to you, or a friend to you? Seriously, you always have some sort of crisis going on, you always have to have some kind of drama going on, you always have to have your histrionics front line headlines, you always have to make everything about you, abandon the pulpit, and all you can focus on is having to suck Sata’s “thing”. Seriously, why would anyone want to have their life consumed by your daily, hourly issues, histrionics, drama, crisis. You make yourself look neurotic!! You cannot even let a guy you marry move his stuff to your place, because he may take up too much space or you may have to move all of your superficial wardrobe over to make room for him? You do not even see your own bad behavior in your show, you do not see the message you gave to former party NCC, to yourself and to anyone who dare be in your life, you are telling them you have no room for anyone but you in your life. Your way or you discard them, if they dare point out a flaw you have or that your behavior was a bad choice, they get your wrath, your histrionics, your victim act, or the silent treatment your entire family seems to have. How exhausting it must be, to be you or to be around you without any holy ghost fire. You are so needy and attention seeking you do not even see you create your own drama, you create all of your superficial crisis and make yourself look bad.
I get moving because some weirdo may have been stalking you, but seriously do you have to make everything in life about you, do you have to constantly have your PR team or your pathetic attention seeking called press conferences held at restaurants put you in headlines every day throughout the day? Do you not see why people are tired of you? You act like this is YOUR country and others just live in it. Find God! Seriously, eat some humble pie and get back God in your life, put someone else first in your life besides showing Zambia you only have room for you.By the way there are no “door bouncers” found at the pulpit so you do not need to pay to get back to it.

Concerned Zambian