Choma Pastor Tells Female Congregant ‘Its Either You Offer A Sacrifice Naked Or No Husband For You Lady’

Dear Editor,
Can you please advise a sister; I am a female in my late twenties and one day a Pastor from a Pentecostal Church came to visit me at my home. This Pastor was accompanied by an elderly woman. They found me at home with my friend who had come to visit me from Choma. After the introductions the Pastor started encouraging us about going to church and believing in God always. Later on he asked to talk to me privately. During our private talk he said I was still single because an evil curse has been place on me from my father’s side. He said the following Wednesday him and I were to fast so that we could know the way forward. After fasting on Wednesday we had prayers and later in the week he asked me to see him. When I met him he told me that in order for my curse to be broken I needed to offer a sacrifice to God and asked me what I valued most. I value my salary and so I told him. I agreed to offer a sacrifice in form of money(salary). He told me that once I was ready with that money I was to contact him so that he could give me the guidelines on how the sacrifice was to be offered because sacrifices are not offered anyhow. When I got the money I send him a message and he asked me to go to his house where he gave me some scriptures and instructions. The instructions where that between 23h30 & 00h00 I was to take off all my clothes and be naked (alone in my bedroom – according to Him, God does not delight in nakedness so He will give me what I ask for from Him), get the money and put it in my hands and sing some worship songs and later pray with the money in my hands and then take the money to church the following day. I agreed to do this but when I reached home I started feeling undecided of what to do, something within me told me that ‘no one in the Bible had ever given a sacrifice to God whilst naked’. The whole thing became confusing and in the end I just started crying because I was filled with fear and confusion. I ended up not doing it. I told myself that I was not going to do something which I did not fully understand. The following day Pastor asked me if I had done what I was told to do and I told him that I had not done so. He said I was too weak in faith by allowing myself to succumb to the devil. I asked him if I could just pray with the sacrifice one of those nights when we have an over night at church and he said NO, the sacrifice has to be prayed for alone in my bedroom. I started asking friends and I got different views, some where saying it was a strange thing, others where saying I should go ahead. My humble request from you readers is to know what you think – I might learn something very wise from you. Thank you!!