Kalomo Husband Inflicts Serious Knife Wounds On His Wife For Cheating On Him

A 26 year old woman of Mukwela in Kalomo is battling for her life in the district hospital after having been brutally inflicted
with knife wounds by her husband following a marital dispute.

Matildah Phiri was assaulted by her husband Hendrix Njamba 36, of the same area after he suspected his wife of having an extra sexual marital affair on Sunday night this week, police sources confirmed.

And a 25 year old woman of Siamfuzila village in chief Siachitema’s chiefdom was last week murdered by his husband after a drinking spree of not yet an un established circumstances.

And police in Kalomo has expressed worry over the escalating number of gender based violence among the rural populace saying the trend should be thoroughly checked.

According to police sources, Njamba who is on the run used a sharp knife to assault his wife of five years in marriage while a manhunt has been launched and police are appealing to anyone with information that will led to the arrest of the assailant.

And police has nabbed the named wife murderer suspect who is now in custody and will appear in court soon.

Meanwhile, a human skeleton was found in Mweembo farm of Kalomo being suspected to be that of a male adolescent who was reported to have gone missing last December. Police sources confirmed the development to Zanis and the remains have since been buried by the relatives of the same family amid what is not yet established by forensic experts to determine whether they are of the missing person, Emmanuel Mwale.

And a man his his 30s was also found dead in the early hours of Magrimond compound of Kalomo last Friday and has been identified as Knowledge Musiyu of Bbilili area in chief Siachitemas area under again
not yet established circumstances and police have instituted investigation over the cause of his death.

This comes barely a month when a man was also found knifed in the same compound prompting the compound chairperson, Harrison Siamafumba calling security wings to intensify night patrols and probably establish a police post while beer drinking premises are also reported to be operating beyond the stipulated closing hours by night time.