Kasama Drivers Complain Against Corrupt Traffic Police Officers

Dear Editor,
This message is meant for RATSA to answer. But your gauidance will be much appreciated. We are being victimised by a few corrupt elements among the traffic police officers. I write to get clarification on what one driving a private vehicle ought to carry all times. From the little knowledge I have the following are the documents a driver has to move around with: Drivers licence, Road tax (displayed), and fitness (displayed).

Surprisingly, here in ….. motorists are being harrassed by Traffic police, they are also asking for insurance documents. Is this ok. they even grab drivers licences only to be given back when one produces insurance papers. If its an offence, what is the penalty? for not carrying it around but one has it at home.

Again, is it ok to move with a photocopy of the drivers licence? Once again, RATSA is a very good organization, but guard against some corrupt traffic police officers. Pls hear the cry of the motorists, let clear guide lines be given to the public and police to avoid problems and corruption on the road. I will be very happy to hear from there. Otherwise, we are suffering in Kasama. police are being difficulty on the roads.

May an investigation be carried out to check their activities? There could be many other issues on the ground. Corruption should be fought by all. Help !

Petros Chanda

Kasama Driver