ZAMCOM Workers GO ‘HUNGRY’ For 5 Months Without Pay

Dear Editor,


Reference is made above. ZAMCOM workers have gone for five months without salaries. What is surprising is that during this period, our new Director has been paying himself his salary and all his allowances.
Our new Director, Mr. Oliver Kanene, who is only six months in the job has not forfeited his salary and allowances, while all of us are made to work raising his salary. What is expected of a normal boss is for him to pay the least paid workers first and himself last.

Mr. Kanene claims his salary is coming from the PS of Information Mr. Amos Malupenga. This is not true as Mr. Kanene is not a civil servant.

We have tried to complain to our ZAMCOM board headed by Mrs. Ngozi Nkwabilo from ZESCO but the Board too seems to be comfortable in the board allowances they receive.

How can we all be working for one person while we all go hungry? Please help.

Disgruntled Zamcom Staff