Abuse Of Women At Work Places: Solwezi Mine Boss Orders His Cleaner To Be Throwing His Urine Bottle For Him

Dear Editor,

WHEN I first received information about abuse of a named young woman at a mine in Solwezi, I was shocked.

I couldn’t believe that a multinational company with a good corporate image could tolerate such abuse or try to conceal issues of abuse at work involving defenceless women.

I personally went to ask the victim about her abuse and victimisation.

Though overwhelmed with fear, she lamented to me how the named expatriate abused her for over a year non- stop.

At the mine site, lavatories are within reach for expatriates especially, but this boss willingly, deliberately and for reasons known to himself urinates in a bottle within his office, and orders this cleaner to be throwing this urine bottle for him, and this ordeal has been going on for over a year now.

When she finally had enough of this, she reported the matter to the human resources personnel and the safety department but due to the inept nature of Zambians and the ‘ muzungu anikonde’ mentality, all they could do was casually warn this fellow.

To her surprise, he continued to abuse her but thank God she has been taken to another department and she is on probation for now.

The union representatives haven’t been of much help in representing her either.

This is why I am calling on all women organisations, the Human Rights Commission of Zambia, the Victim Support Unit in Solwezi and all well meaning Zambians to help this young woman in her quest for justice.

I could tell that her pride, spirit and sanctity have all been defiled by this experience.

Whatever information needed is with the human resources and the safety departments at the mining division.

Stop women abuse in workplaces.