Hospitalized Nigeria First Lady Was Misdiagnosed By Presidential Physicians As Mystery Around Ailment Grows

Hospitalized Nigeria First Lady Was Misdiagnosed By Presidential Physicians As Mystery Around Ailment Grows

President Goodluck Jonathan has asked his aides to stop taking questions about the circumstances of his wife, Patience, whose health status and treatment in Germany remains shrouded in mystery.

Presidency sources said the President is not happy with the publicity that her condition has generated in both local and international media which have described her condition variously as severe food poisoning and a burst appendix.

However, SaharaReporters sources in Germany stated that Mrs. Jonathan, who earlier underwent a procedure in Dubai, was misdiagnosed by doctors that initially attended to her at the Aso Rock clinic .

Early last week Mrs. Jonathan was airlifted to Wiesbaden, Germany as her condition grew worse shortly after returning from Dubai and was diagnosed and treated for “food poisoning”. Shortly after arriving in Germany, she lost her voice and had to be placed on strong antibiotics, she was only able to speak four days after she was admitted to the hospital in Wiesbaden.

The source would not reveal if Mrs. Jonathan had undergone surgery as reported by some newspapers.

Yesterday, President summoned some of his close aides, and reportedly claimed that he regrets not informing Nigerians earlier about his wife’s condition before the story was broken by Saharareporters.

An impeccable source in the Presidential Villa said the President ordered that the issue be left “as it is for now until madam returns from the trip” so that her return could be used to douse public anxiety by claiming that the media had “exaggerated her state of health.”

Mrs. Jonathan is recovering in the same hospital, Horst Schmidt Klinik, as did the late president, Umaru Yar’Adua, whose wife led a clique that hijacked power from then Vice President Jonathan by misrepresenting his health condition until he died.

Mr. Ayo Osinlu, spokesman for the First Lady, refused to comment on when his boss would return from the medical trip, which he famously dubbed “a moment’s rest.”


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    Tongas under oath @ work! Am told she is bemba….lol

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    I thought there was a guy in Nigeria who claims to be a prophet. So this guy does not see things that happen in his backyard and to his friends? Olo munzanvela manje ati iyo, nalilandile. Boza Yake mambala. Elo ine nshilumbwile ishina.

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    Wishing you a quick recovey mama Goodluck!

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    @john 600 kwena uli caume.u ve said the he will b claiming that he saw they eve edit a fake video and give a fake prophecy.naine nshilumbwile ishina lyamuntu apa.

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