Luapula Sangoma Tells Govt: I am Ready To Capture Fugitive Mailoni Brothers ‘I Have 4 Eyes To See, Spiritual Powers’

Luapula Sangoma Tells Govt: I am Ready To Capture Fugitive Mailoni Brothers ‘I Have 4 Eyes To See, Spiritual Powers’
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A spiritualist and seer in Luapula Province has claimed he can capture the elusive Mailoni Brothers if government gives him chance to do so.

Kendrix Musonda said he was capable of exposing the Mkushi – based serial killers with the help of government .

Musonda said he had spiritual powers that would help him capture the Mailoni brothers in a record time and deliver the people of Mkushi from the bondage of the killers.

“I have four eyes that can make me see what others cannot see. Those criminals’ days are numbered as long as government says yes to this”, said Musonda.

The diviner said he was ready to be flown to Mkushi and disarm the fugitive Mailoni Brothers in Luano valley of Mkushi district.

He said he would use his ‘supernatural’ powers to save the people of Mkushi who had been victims of the killers’ mayhem.

Musonda wondered why the Police were wasting time to give the job to people like him as the Mailoni Brothers were driving away people from Luano valley.

But when reminded that the Zambia Police Service had staked K50,000,000 as price tag for whoever would catch the Mailoni Brothers, Musonda expressed ignorance about it but said that would even encourage him more to perform and claim the cash.
“ I didn’t know there is such a thing. Money? That is even much better for me because am taking that money” said an elated Musonda.

“Let them (Police) come and pick me even today if they want. I will show them what sort of stuff am made of”, said a confident Musonda.

Musonda who is in his early 20s compared himself to Nigerian renowned Prophet, TB Joshua claiming he had predicted most events although people were yet to know about him.

Musonda claimed that while other human beings were created with two eyes, he had four that enabled to him see hidden things.

“ I know people don’t know about me, what I can do and what I have done before but if am given this chance, it will be the beginning of everything” said Musonda.

And when contacted for a comment on the matter, Home Affairs Deputy Minister, Chilangwa said if Musonda wanted to be considered for the job he needed to write the Inspector General of Police.

“ He is welcome only if he puts it in writing to the IG. Unless he doesn’t want to involve Police and wants to go alone”, said Chilangwa.

Chilangwa reiterated government’s position in ensuring that piece returned in Mkushi’s Luano valley where people had suffered at the hands of the elusive Mailoni Brothers.