Chingola Teacher Tells Court ‘Hubby Asked His Pal To Impregnate Me Since He Couldnt Perform’

A MANSA policeman allegedly coerced his close friend to have sex with his wife in a bid to make her pregnant, the Kitwe High Court has heard.

This is in a case in which Grace Namuchimba-Mututwa, 32, a primary school teacher of house number 65, Mpepo Street, Nchanga in Chingola, has sued Mwangala Mututwa, 39, a police officer of Mansa Central Police, for divorce.

Mrs Namuchimba-Mututwa said in her divorce petition before High Court judge Isaac Chali that she got married to Mututwa in Chingola on September 26, 2009 under the Marriage Act and started living with him at house number 54, Konkola Township in Chililabombwe.

She recalled how one day Mr Mututwa, while on patrol, allegedly organised his friend to have sex with her so that she could conceive, which she did.

She said her marriage has broken down irretrievably since then.

Mrs Namuchimba-Mututwa said they started having problems immediately after they got married because his previous girlfriends with whom he has children would allegedly call him at awkward hours. She said he would beat her up whenever she inquired about the numerous phone calls.

She alleged that on November 5, 2010, Mututwa beat her up at her work place and she sustained serious injuries which led to her filing for divorce in the local court. The two went on separation on November 6, 2011.

Mrs Namuchimba-Mututwa also alleged that on several occasions, her husband threatened to shoot her and that he allegedly had several adulterous relationships, putting her at risk of contracting HIV.
She alleged that when Mututwa was transferred to Mansa, he relocated with his girlfriend.

But Mr Mututwa denied threatening his wife saying all he did was to humble himself since he had three children before he married her.

He alleged that the children were the main reason his wife left their house.
Mr Mututwa urged the court to restore his marriage but said his wife should explain who the father of her child is.
Trial continues.