Keisha Says She Had Sex With a Ghost

Keisha Says She Had Sex With a Ghost

By Huffington Post

American singer, Kesha, said that her new song ‘Supernatural’ was inspired by a sexual experience that she had with a ghost.

According to The Sun, Kesha said that she has a new song called Supernatural, and it is about experiences with ghosts, but not in a scary way. Instead, it is in a sexy way, according to the singer.

According to International Business Times, Kesha said that she does not know the name of the ghost she had her experience with. She went onto say that she was very open to it.

According to Huffington Post, the new song can be found on her new album titled “Warrior” which she says is based around the theme of the spiritual quest that she set out on in order to improve her music.

As part of her spiritual quest, Kesha said that she went out on a boat and traveled around the world, with no bodyguards and no managers. She said that she experienced things such as diving with great white sharks and even helped rehabilitating baby lions in Africa.