UNEARTHED: Fear Grips UPND, MPs Plan To Poison HH

UNEARTHED: Fear Grips UPND, MPs Plan To Poison HH

A PLOY has been unearthed in which some named opposition United Party for National Development [UPND] Members of Parliament are scheming to poison its leader Hakainde Hichilema, sources have exclusively revealed to Tumfweko.

Sources revealed to Tumfweko that some named Members of Parliament within the UPND and closer to Hakainde Hichilema feel they may not be able to head its party as long as Hakainde was around.

The sources claimed that over the weekend, a meeting was held at one of the UPND MP’s residence in Lusaka to ponder the way forward in o trying to eliminate UPND strongman.

“HH has lots of money which would make him comfortably win future elections by bribing party members and this has brought fear to those who very much need positions in the party,” said the source.

The sources warned that the UPND legislators were desperate to rid the party of HH because under him fortunes had dwindled following the demise of Mazoka.

” Nobody enjoys losing. UPND was closer to winning elections in 2001 under Mazoka (MHSRIP), but HH retarded its progress following his imposition on party members.

We want to warn HH to be wary of such schemes. He must take a leaf from what has happened before,” said the sources.

However, the sources did not disclose which type of poison the UPND MPs were scheming to use but hinted and indicated that Hakainde should ‘shine his eyes and see through’.

“Apparently, its sad and shocking because the MPs discussed among other things possible ways of eliminating its leader via poisoning and the use of Potassium (KCI) as a likelihood was discussed. They know Potassium is vital in the human body, but too much potassium can cause cardiac arrest. In fact, executioners use a potassium injection to kill prisoners on death row (aka death by lethal injection.) Death by KCI overdose often looks like a heart attack,” disclosed the sources.

Meanwhile, Tumfweko understands that Garry Nkombo is a likely heir to the UPND ‘throne’ should the maiming of HH succeed. According to the sources, Nkombo was the most fancied contender of the UPND hot seat.