PRESS RELEASE: PATRIOTIC Front In Choma Is Opposed To The Transfer Of The Town Clerk

The Patriotic Front in Choma is opposed to the pending transfer of the Town Clerk Mr. Muuka. This is because he has worked hard to transform the local authority despite many challenges he has gone through in this divided local authority. It is the wish of the party to ask relevant authority to rescind the decision as we will not allow any attempt to frustrate his efforts. And no one will be allowed to take over from the acting town clerk as he will find it difficult to work with the party and will not allow Local Government Commission to be corruptly abused by few individual commissioners. We are so divested because this has affected delivery of services. We also wish to say that because of much confusion in the Local authority in Choma which is supposed to be the provincial headquarters of Southern Province as lacked behind in terms of development. When the president pronounced Muchinga as Province and Chinsali as Headquarters things started happening immediately, we are left to wonder to what is happening to our beloved city of Choma.
May the Minister of Local Government and Housing intervene in the matter immediately? As a party we shall not take kindly any interference from anybody, as it is believed that some former Employees of the Council who feel are connected to the Local Government Commission are behind the schemes. Before this man came the council was limping almost grounding to a halt because of the corruption which was going in the council, people where getting wrong salaries, and allowances and these are the ones frustrating his efforts.
Here is a man who calls a spade a spade; you team up to destroy his efforts. Surely, we do understand that each one of us has some short comings, but credit should be given were it is due.

PETER KAMPAMBA                                                  HAMWEEMBA BENARDIT                                              KEBBY MBEWE
DISTRICT SECRETARY                                          DISTRICT POLICTICAL SECRETARY                           DISTRICT VICE CHAIRMAN