It is unfortunate thinking for people like Michael Kaingu who has failed to put his house in order to say the list to suggest that the former ruling party will make the government ‘s life difficult. Our advice to Mr. Kaingu its first for him to look after his family and educate his Children about morals then he can come out and give advice.
First of all Mr. Kaingu knows very well what our rich manifesto has, So he should go through it page by page and compare to what the PF government is doing , then make a judgment.
Secondly, this person knows that MMD will never come to power hence their decision to have a marriage of convenience with the UPND. He should not forget that PF as a party beat them all, so where is their strength?
Thirdly, Mr. Kaingu should know that whatever promises that President Sata made were a collective agreement of which every member of PF should stand up and defend.
Lastly we are assuring people like people like Mr. Kaingu to watch and see our pace. The doubting Thomas’s will live to regret why they are not joining or are boarding the boat which is sailing very well at the moment especially with anticipated rains.
Mr. Kaingu should concentrate on building the image of his family and the MMD party especially now that it is being run by a Pastor, who has failed to look after his flock and instead he is busy singing the same song as his vice president of trying to frustrate government efforts. The Mps from MMD who have been appointed to ministerial positions are progressive leaders who need our encouragement so that they can continue doing the good works they are doing for our people. We know there a lot of frustrations in MMD so much that they will not stop at anything

Issued by Peter Kampamba
PF District Secretary Choma